Fish Suppliers

Fish Suppliers

Hampshire Carp Hatcheries
Address: SO21 1QJ

Hampshire Carp Hatcheries is a family run business that was started in 1985. We produce 13 species of coldwater ornamental and coarse fish in a range of sizes. The photograph of our site shows 40 purpose built drainable ponds. Water is supplied from a biosecure borehole pumped up from the chalk aquifer some 90 meters below ground.

Our broodstock originate from exclusive bloodlines. We have been selecting for many generations to produce stock with specific colours, scale patterns, growth rates and vigour. We occasionally need to introduce new bloodlines to provide new strains and to avoid inbreeding. This is carried out in an isolated biosecure hatchery that ensures no contamination by external pathogens.

All procedures are carried out as per CEFAS guidelines before any new lines are introduced onto the farm. Every year all our ponds are drained, completely dried and finally disinfected before re-flooding for the new stock

Tel: 01962 712829
Orwell Aquatics
Address: Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 0XQ

Orwell Aquatics is a small independent outlet situated in Felixstowe. Our shop is set up in a converted Dutch barn. We house 60+ fish tanks and a large range of dry goods. As a Licensed Pet Shop we import fish from various countries around the world. As a Licensed Pet Shop, we import fish from various countries around the world, always seeking out the best quality and sort-after fish. Where possible we source stock from breeders and travel a fair few miles to make this possible.

Tel: 07985 252348
Tonys African Cichlids
Address: Bridlington
East Yorkshire


We endeavour to give you the best quality fish. Colour, robustness, vitality is what we achieve with our breeding. We also import some of the best quality fish we can find to give you one of the most diverse range of Malawi Cichlids in the UK. Any questions please contact

Tel: 07775506898
Tropical Marine Centre
Address: Chorleywood

We import and wholesale tropical marine fish as well as manufacturing, importing and wholesaling aquatic products. We operate with passion, expertise, pride, commitment and a ‘can do’ attitude that ensures the hobby of marine fish-keeping is sustainable, enjoyable and accessible. We operate fish-holding facilities and warehouses in Bristol, Manchester, Chorleywood, Lisbon and a central dry goods distribution facility in Hemel Hempstead.

Tel: 01923 284151