Dog Food and Nutrition

Dog Food and Nutrition

Vet’s Kitchen
Address: Unit 2/3 Callenders
Paddington Drive

At Vet’s Kitchen we work very closely with the veterinary experts at our in-house practice, Vet’s Klinic. Together, we strive to develop some of the best high quality, natural and functional pet foods available to help your beloved four-legged friends lead long, healthy and happy lives.

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888 Reptiles
Address: Daventry, Northamptonshire

Here at 888 Reptiles we have everything you could imagine for your reptiles.
We can supply to you lizards, amphibians, chelonia, inverts, Royal Pythons and live fooreptile food.
Our accessories are extensive and consist of disinfectants, frozen mice, and vivariums for terapods.
Also we have food for your pet dogs, your pet birds, small pets,aquatics, poultry and general wildlife creatures.
We can then ‘go large’and include equestrian.
All these at 888 Reptiles.

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Animal Magic, Hayling Island
Address: PO11 0EG

Animal Magic Hayling Island – Pet Food and Animal Supplies

Animal Magic Pet Food Shop, Hayling Island, Havant in Hampshire is the island’s premier pet supply store. We have a very well stocked shop in Mengham, Hayling Island near Havant supplying pet foods for just about any pet you can think of. Animal Magic is staffed by professional and courteous animal lovers providing all your animal and pet supply needs. We have contracts with many of the leading pet food suppliers in the UK ensuring value for money for our customers. We also stock a variety of pet toys, medication and general animal products. For list of the services we offer take a look at our Services Page which includes…

Food & Accessories For…

Cats & Dogs
Hamsters – Mice – Rabbits
Fish SuppliesAll Animal Accessories
NEW – Horse Supplies.

02392 461872
Barker & Barker
Address: BH4 9LG

Barker and Barker has been manufacturing it’s own natural and low fat products for dogs since 1976, when they were first used at Crufts. The company was originally created in the belief that there was a real gap in the market for truly healthy products for all dog breeds – products that follow the needs of a dogs ‘natural’ diet.
Barker & Barker products are stocked country wide through a network of quality independant pet stores, veterinary centres, dog trainers and training groups. Ask your local vet, dog trainer or pet store to get in touch if they don’t already stock our products and we’ll help them take on the products for you.

“We promise that your pet’s health and well being will always be the primary focus in the continued development of our products “.
Arctic fish, chicken,liver, alfalfa, garlic,kelp, dog treats, puppy packs, dog training advice,

0845 519 8803
Fawcetts Pet Shop
Address: DN2 4BA

Fawcetts Pet Shop
From dogs and cats to farm animals such as pigs and goats, we have a good range of food available for your family pet. We also stock a selection of food for animals with special dietery needs.
Whether you’re looking for tack or feed, Fawcetts Pet Shop has a large stock of equine must haves. We also stock saliva test kits to help detect tapeworm?
Is your pet ready for a new bed – your dog? Is it time for a new hutch for your bunny rabbit? As stockists of pet accessories, including bedding and toys, we’re sure to have something for your particular pet.

We are located at:
181 Beckett Road
DN2 4BAh

01302 326 924
Jollyes Petfoods and Birds
Address: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Jollyes Pet Food are one of the largest chains of pet food superstores across GB and Northern Ireland.
We supply a huge range of products for your pet including food and comfort items.
We cater for the aviarist, wild bird food, dog lover, cats, fish cavies and other domestic pets.

Whether you have, cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, mice, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, goldfish, or reptiles, we have food for them.
Sheba, pro plan, whiskas, felix, pedigree, gourmet.
Also we have fish tanks for tropicals, vivariums for reptiles, pet books, pond fish, tropical and marine fish, just about everything.

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Address: 20 – 22 Wenlock Road, London,
N1 7GU, UK
N1 7GU

Kannis is an exciting new pet food that is formulated entirely around your animal’s health and wellbeing, which is why our food range is made up entirely of natural and hypoallergenic ingredients found in nature. How are we different? It is the great care and research that goes into ingredient selection and creating the absolute best pet food possible that marks us out from our competitors. Our food supports your dog through each stage of its life, just the way nature intended. We exclude any detrimental ingredients from our food to ensure that the end product is truly a premium pet food that customers can rely on to provide the nutrition and health that their dog deserves.

020 7608 5655
Natures Menu
Address: IP25 6NG

Honest labelling and the use of better quality, more natural and real meat ingredients has been at the heart of our own product creation for the last 30 years.

Our experts source and select human grade meat cuts for Natures Menu dog and cat foods from British meat suppliers. We make sure the products are ethically reared and where possible, we deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider.

Our products are free from cereals, fillers, chemicals, sugars, meat meals or meat derivatives, artificial flavourings and colours.

As Europes largest raw food producer, with 2 award wins in 2013 for our manufacturing procedures, we can assure anyone considering feeding a raw diet that all Natures Menu products are of the highest quality and are safe to feed.

We strive to provide a safe, nutritionally balanced and convenient option which stands up to the same level of legislation as any commercial kibble. In fact we are the only raw food producer in the UK to meet all the European standards of the Pet Food Manufacturers Associations (PFMA) Code of Conduct.
Complete Raw Dog Food
Raw Bones, dog Chews &dog Chunks
Just dog Meat
Dog Cans anddog Pouches
Dog Treats
Dog Superfood Crunch

Raw Complete and Balanced Cat Food
Cat Pouches
cat Snacks and cat Treats

0800 0183770
Address: BN27 4HH

Natural & raw dog food, suppliers of Nutriment dog mixers, chicken, beef, turkey and more.
Suppliers of Ezydog equipment, flotation devices, Ezydog adventure lights and maintenance kits.
Pet treats, fresh duck necks, chicken wing tips, nutriment coconut oil.
Natural de-stress and calming for pets, including cats, dogs rabbits, rodents, horses, and parrots
Nutriment cat foods.

01435 813266
Pets Pantry York
Address: YO32 9NE

Pets Pantry York
The one thing we are very good at is finding the right food for your pet at the right budget. We don’t sell any of the nasty supermarket foods and we can often save you money on the daily cost of feeding! Please come in and talk to us!

We enjoy fitting dog harnesses and dog coats, so we can make sure your little friend has the perfect size.

Does your dog have any of the following problems?

* Loose or wet faeces
* Itchy skin or paws
* Smelly breath or body
* Hyperactive behaviour
* Insatiable appetite
* Itchy Anal Glands

These problems are often caused by feeding the leading brands of dog foods bought from the supermarket.
Feed him on a good quality food on advice from experts. One food we recommend is James Wellbeloved

* Kibble sizes for either, mini, medium and large breed dogs to encourage chewing and dental care.

* Highly digestible human grade Turkey; Lamb; Duck or Fish, resulting in smaller, compact faeces.

* An option of vegetable based foods for very sensitive dogs to cut down on skin irritations.

* All senior foods have chondroitin and glucosamine to keep joints healthy.

* Hypoallergenic – no cereals, glutens, colours or sugars. Just a very tasty, healthy food!

01904 620527