Hull Animal Welfare Trust
Address: HU15 2HE

Help us make a difference. We need volunteers for collection days, cleaning, exercising and socialising with the animals

Tel: 01430 423986
Little Foxes
Address: OX44 7JS

Little Foxes is totally run by volunteers, with no paid staff whatsoever. This means that all the donations to Little Foxes can go directly to the care of the animals we rescue.
Little Foxes wildlife rescue centre provides treatment and rehabilitation for wild animals and birds in need of care and attention.

Tel: 01844 279469
Safehaven Parrot Refuge
Address: GL20 6DS

Safehaven Parrot Refuge was set up over 25 years ago by Christine and Paul Forman and with the assistance of our Patron Neil Forbes became a registered Charity in 1998.
The name “Refuge” implies we house all in coming birds here at headquarters and when we started out indeed we did, but as the decades have passed few parrots have been added here; for the welfare of those resident here, not just on a quartine level but stability within the flock. Incoming parrots are now mostly safehoused and assessed by our members to match parrot and family as appropriate.
(New members with parrot knowledge prepared to safehouse always needed).
Most animal rescues do not have the expertise that is needed for the care of parrots and this is where Safehaven comes in.

We have our permanent resident birds, which will be cared for by us for the rest of their lives


Tel: 01684 850466