Bird Food and Nutrition

Bird Food and Nutrition

888 Reptiles
Address: Daventry, Northamptonshire

Here at 888 Reptiles we have everything you could imagine for your reptiles.
We can supply to you lizards, amphibians, chelonia, inverts, Royal Pythons and live fooreptile food.
Our accessories are extensive and consist of disinfectants, frozen mice, and vivariums for terapods.
Also we have food for your pet dogs, your pet birds, small pets,aquatics, poultry and general wildlife creatures.
We can then ‘go large’and include equestrian.
All these at 888 Reptiles.

01327 262888
British Bird Food
Address: Hinstock, Shropshire

British Bird Food is a family business, in the wild bird seed and garden bird feeder market.

We supply bird seed, nest boxes, bird box cameras, bird feeders,dog food, guinea pig food, fox and cat deterents, Pet food for birds, poultry, rabbits and more.

You can purchase wild bird food with confidence from us because our love for our own garden birds means we know exactly what you want from us. Sometimes bird lovers can’t find the bird seed mixture required to feed to a certain type of bird such as thrushes and robins. his is where we come in, we supply a wide range of wild bird seeds and we also mix our own so that we can be sure you are getting the best quality wild bird food for your garden birds.

We care about our natural surroundings, and supply in small, reusable plastic packs, delivered in a cardboard box for your convenience to handle and store, you can send the polythene bags back to us for free, and we will recycle them. We generate our own electricity, raise our own meat and grow our own vegetables. We do as much as we can for our environment.

01952 550686
Bucktons Bird Food Supplies
Address: YO25 9DJ

At Bucktons, we understand birds.

We understand all about the nutritional goodness they need to stay at their healthy best.

Our expert nutritionists also understand that you need a brand you can trust to take care of your birds, all year round.

With us, caring is instinctive, because nurture is in our nature. We want more birds to benefit from our expertly sourced, scientifically formulated and perfectly blended products.

That’s why we’re now growing our range, bringing Bucktons products to an even wider bird-loving audience.

01480 443 789
Durham Hens
Address: DL134BN

Durham Hens supply quality point of lay pullets, pure breed chickens, hen houses and poultry supplies.

We have a variety of coloured hybrid hens for sale that are excellent layers and we usually have a selection of pure breed eggs, chicks and growers available too. Our huge range of poultry equipment and supplies can be purchased at our premises or via our online shop.
We stock hen health care products, fertile hatching eggs, Garvo chicken feed, poultry drinkers and feeders, chicken coops, automatic door openers, an extensive range of poultry leg rings, incubators and brooders, treats and lots more items for keeping chickens, ducks and geese.
We also supply hen houses, chicken food, poultry supplies, hatching eggs, wild bird food and more.

Our poultry run free-range in an organic woodland environment and are fed on top quality Garvo chicken food. We are registered with DEFRA and Durham County Council and are members of The Rare Breeds Survival Trust and The Poultry Club of Great Britain.

01388 731131
Garden Feathers Bird Supplies
Address: NE35 9LW

Welcome to Garden Feathers – you’ll find all your favourite products for chickens, pigeons, cage and aviary birds, parrots and wild birds – everything for your feathered friends! We’re here Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm on 0191 5277025 if you have any questions or any problems placing an order.
Poultry cage birds, parrots, pigeons, wild birds, bedding, cleaning, gifts.

0191 5277025
Jollyes Petfoods and Birds
Address: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Jollyes Pet Food are one of the largest chains of pet food superstores across GB and Northern Ireland.
We supply a huge range of products for your pet including food and comfort items.
We cater for the aviarist, wild bird food, dog lover, cats, fish cavies and other domestic pets.

Whether you have, cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, mice, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, goldfish, or reptiles, we have food for them.
Sheba, pro plan, whiskas, felix, pedigree, gourmet.
Also we have fish tanks for tropicals, vivariums for reptiles, pet books, pond fish, tropical and marine fish, just about everything.

01142 425421
Nibley Bird Farm
Address: Nibley, Gloucestershire

Nibley Bird farm is a family run business that has been established since the 1980s. We strive to bring the best quality products and birds to you for sensible prices.
The experienced customer and also those who may need some advice on aspects of their new hobby can be assured that only the best will be provided. We are strong advocates of British farming and hope that people enjoy visiting the farm to see our livestock. Please be aware that we are a working farm so be prepared for mud; PLEASE ARRIVE SUITABLY ATTIRED.

Company Information

Nibley is off the Badminton Road, just near Yate, Bristol. Over recent years we have made considerable improvements to the farm. This includes expanding our poultry breeds and also developing a reptile section. We make our own sheds and hutches for our personal use use and for sale to the general public.

Customer feedback

Our main objective is making sure you, the customer, is purchasing the right pet for their needs. We want them to be pleased with their choice for the years ahead. We take feedback seriously and want people to be impressed with our establishment and staff knowledge.
We value all of our customers and our visitors and we try to accommodate everyones needs. Many of our new customers tell us that we have come recommended by existing customers.

“Excellent service and advice, and it was great to come away with everything we needed to get going.” John Cheetham

“I have just purchased 4 hens and the service and information i recieved from the person who served me was outstanding. friendly, polite, patient, helpfull and full of information. having no experience with hens at all i came away with knowledge and understanding of what was involved and how to care for them. thankyou so much.” Karren Fifield

01454 312904
Really Wild Birdfood .Co
Address: SO32 1FS

If you desire top-quality home grown bird seed, we at Really Wild BirdFood have everything you need to keep your local wildlife happy and healthy. Here on our farm in Hampshire, we produce a huge selection of bird seed and cereal crops, all of which are carefully managed to achieve the highest possible standard.

We grow and source all of our products according to strict standards whilst offering a unique variety of bird foods that you’d be hard-pressed to find matched elsewhere. We also provide a variety of other products and feeds in order to meet the needs of all the wildlife in your garden.

01489 896785