Bird Clubs

Bird Clubs

Nar Valley Ornithological Society
Address: Swaffham


Nar V alley Ornithological Society.  Our aims are:
Encourage and share enjoyment of birdwatching with others in the NarVOS area
Encourage novice birdwatchers to take an active interest in birdwatching
Share information with the members of the Nar Valley Ornithological Society
Gather and collate data on birds in the area
Participate in regional and national bird surveys within the defined area
Liaise with other conservation groups within the area, and more widely
To administer the Society in an environmentally sensitive manner
To promote a deeper understanding of wildlife in general.
To meet these aims we at the Nar Valley Ornithological Society
Organise an extensive programme of indoor and field meetings
Take part in a number of national and regional surveys
Produce a newsletter and bird sightings report each month
Publish The NarVOS Annual Report containing a systematic list of birds recorded in the area, a ringing report, reports or sightings of rare birds, a detailed summary of the weather during the year and a selection of related articles.

The Essex Birdwatching Society

We are the county bird society for Essex and collate data on the status of birds in Essex including much of North East. London. This data is analysed to produce the Essex Bird Report. We also publish Essex Birding magazine twice a year.

The Essex Birdwatching Society organises a variety of activities:

Coach trips and local field meetings
Illustrated talks
Bird censuses and surveys
We welcome new members, if you have an interest in Essex birdlife and would like to join, details can be found on the ‘Membership’ page. Membership offers a number of additional benefits

Waveney Bird Club
Address: IP19 0LF

Waveney Bird Club

To join the Waveney Bird Club please complete and return the membership form which you can download below;
A range of clothing is now available bearing the Waveney Bird Club name and logo. It is also possible to have the WBC logo embroidered on your own items of clothing.
WBC Programme of Events for 2017 are listed on the website.

01986 785318
West Midland Bird Club
Address: Wolverhampton

Inspired by W. E. Groves, a group of five enthusiasts gathered in 1929 and formed the Birmingham Bird Club. In 1945, with an expanding membership the Club changed its name to the Birmingham and District Bird Club; this new name also reflected the Club’s wider coverage of activities in the area. The Club changed its name yet again in 1959 to the title we have today, the West Midland Bird Club. The Club is now a regional organisation that is dedicated to the study and conservation of wild birds in Staffordshire – Warwickshire – Worcestershire and the West Midlands.