Bird Charities

Bird Charities

Animal Samaritans
Address: PO BOX 154, Bexleyheath, Kent
DA16 2WS

The aims of Animal Samaritans are to rescue, provide care and shelter for unwanted, abandoned, neglected or ill-treated animals and to provide new homes for them wherever possible. To assist owners of pets to meet veterinary fees where owners are unable to meet such fees themselves.

0208 303 1859
Animal Welfare Foundation
Address: 7 Mansfield Street, London

The AWF was founded with a generous legacy from Colleen Macleod to improve the welfare of all animals through veterinary science, education and debate. It was set up by vets who, concerned about a whole raft of issues concerning animal welfare, had a vision of how they could alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering in all animals including farm animals, wild animals and pets. Our aim is for all animals to have good physical health and mental wellbeing.

020 7908 6375
Birdline UK Parrot Rescue Charity

Birdline Parrot-Rescue was founded in 1992, initially to rescue and care for birds in the Warwickshire area. Expansion soon became an urgent necessity, resulting in recruiting various people who specialised in all species of birds from Finches to Macaws.

In the past years, Birdline has helped over 1500 birds to find new homes, Over the last year Birdline has had over 1,000,000 visits to their main web site, taken over 30,000 telephone calls for help and advice, and aided countless birds and pets that owners cannot look after, either on a short or long term basis.

0845 643 1785
Blue Cross Charity
Address: Shilton Road, Burford, OXON
OX18 4PF

We have been dedicated to the health and happiness of pets since 1897. Abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured – we do what’s needed to give every pet a healthy life in a happy home. We’re a charity, so the more help you give us, the more help we can give pets.

0300 777 1897
British Trust for Ornithology
Address: The Nunnery
IP24 2PU

The BTO is an independent charitable research institute combining professional and citizen science aimed at using evidence of change in wildlife populations, particularly birds, to inform the public, opinion-formers and environmental policy- and decision-makers. Our impartiality enables our data and information to be used both by Government and NGO campaigners.

The BTO is a ‘birds-first’ organisation, with our volunteers also collecting data on other wildlife too – we work with partner organisations to monitor everything from butterflies to badgers.

01842 750050
Four Paws
Address: 32-36 Loman Street, London,

FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare charity. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. Our mission is to be the strong, global and independent voice for animals under human control. Creating sustainable solutions for animals in need Touching hearts, changing consumer behaviour Driving legal changes We aim to realise these goals through our projects and campaigns, which provide short-term and long-term solutions for animals in need.

Our campaigns are aimed at creating better living conditions for farm animals, wild animals, laboratory animals and pets in general.. As more and more decisions about animal welfare are made at a European level, we focus our efforts increasingly on European policy makers in order to influence their beliefs, in favor of animals.

020 7922 7954
Freshfields Animal Rescue
Address: East Lodge Farm, East Lane, Ince Blundell, Liverpool
L29 3EA

Freshfields Animal Rescue was founded in 1979.

Our Mission: to provide sanctuary and relief to animals who need it, whilst providing a focus of learning, education and example in man’s association with animals.

Our Core Charitable purpose: the rescue and re-homing of abused, neglected and injured animals.

Our Aims: to provide high-quality care, medical attention and a safe and loving environment for the animals, as long as they need us. We actively encourage the neutering of companion animals and operate a feral program that exceeds the bounds of that carried out by most rescues. In addition, we highlight the welfare needs of all farm animals and advocate, by example, a meat free diet.

0151 931 1604
Little Foxes
Address: OX44 7JS

Little Foxes is totally run by volunteers, with no paid staff whatsoever. This means that all the donations to Little Foxes can go directly to the care of the animals we rescue.
Little Foxes wildlife rescue centre provides treatment and rehabilitation for wild animals and birds in need of care and attention.

01844 279469
PDSA Saving Pets Charity

At PDSA, saving, protecting and healing pets is what we’re all about. We are dedicated to improving pet wellbeing in three very special ways – by educating owners, preventing disease and carrying out life-saving operations.

Pets are part of the family. Our four-legged friends give unconditional love and are sometimes a person’s only companion. They don’t deserve to suffer through economic and social hardship. They can’t help themselves. But we can – with your help.

We are the UK’s leading vet charity. Every year, the dedicated teams at our 48 Pet Hospitals work tirelessly to provide 2.7 million veterinary treatments – including 440,000 preventative treatments. This helps over 430,000 much-loved pets and brings peace of mind to 300,000 owners.


Pet Savers Veterinary Charity
Address: Woodrow House,
1 Telford Way
Waterwells Business Park

PetSavers is a division of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), we have been dedicated to the battle against pet diseases and illnesses since 1975. Aim Our aim is to improve the health of pets by relieving the distress and pain caused by diseases for which we currently have no effective treatments. Our mission is to raise money to fund vital clinical research into the prevention, treatment and/or cure of illnesses and conditions affecting pets, so that our companion animals can enjoy longer, fuller and healthier lives.

PetSavers aim to do this by distributing grants for veterinary training and clinical research into illnesses and disease. None of PetSavers studies uses experimental animals, and they do not support work that involves them. To find out more about how PetSavers allocates funds please visit the grants section.

01452 726723