Devon Pond Plants

Devon Pond Plants can supply:
Marginal Plants
Moisture Loving Plants
Bog Primulas
Deep Water Plants
Native Plants
Pond Packs
Bulk Plant Discounts
Baskets & Sundries
Waterlily Information
Blanket Weed

01548 521286
Emperor Tropicals
Plymouth , Devon

Emporer Tropicals stock a large range of fish aquariums from various manufacturers.
For childrens fish tanks we can supply the smaller tropical fish tank with filtration and advise of the type and number of tropical fish to suit the environment.
Whether your favourites are Guppies, Zebras, Angelfish,Neon Tetras, Loach, Gouramis, Cichlids, Siamese Fighting Fish, it doesn’t matter.

Stepping up in the age range we have hexagonal fish tanks, corner fish tanks, and shaped tropical aquariums each with its own filter and lighting rigs that are built in.
Aquarium hoods, pumps, filters, aquatic plants, pond plants, water testing,fish food, bogwood, bubble walls,and much more

Here at Emperor its important to us to offer the best prices and service throughout the whole process, if you know any different we will price match.
We are the only ADA stockists in the south west.

(01752) 706633
Erdington Aquatics
Birmingham, West Midlands
B24 9BE

The amount of stock we have cannot be fully shown on this website and we strongly advise you to call in person to appreciate the range of goods we have.
Stocks are constantly made up and if you are looking for any particular type of fish then please contact us.

0121 373 1100
Hampshire Carp Hatcheries
SO21 1QJ

Hampshire Carp Hatcheries is a family run business that was started in 1985. We produce 13 species of coldwater ornamental and coarse fish in a range of sizes. The photograph of our site shows 40 purpose built drainable ponds. Water is supplied from a biosecure borehole pumped up from the chalk aquifer some 90 meters below ground.

Our broodstock originate from exclusive bloodlines. We have been selecting for many generations to produce stock with specific colours, scale patterns, growth rates and vigour. We occasionally need to introduce new bloodlines to provide new strains and to avoid inbreeding. This is carried out in an isolated biosecure hatchery that ensures no contamination by external pathogens.

All procedures are carried out as per CEFAS guidelines before any new lines are introduced onto the farm. Every year all our ponds are drained, completely dried and finally disinfected before re-flooding for the new stock

01962 712829
JMC Aquatics – tropicals, tortoises, turtles, fish equipment
Dronfield, South Yorkshire
S18 1PG

We are dedicated to providing the UK’s Pet Shops, Garden Centres and Aquatic Retailers with the best ornamental fish and dry goods. We supply cold water and tropical fish, turtles, tortoises, invertebrates, aquarium plants and dry goods.

Please note our shop is for trade and wholesale customers only. To see prices, and to place orders, please login or register.

01246415 275
Jollyes Petfoods and Birds
Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Jollyes Pet Food are one of the largest chains of pet food superstores across GB and Northern Ireland.
We supply a huge range of products for your pet including food and comfort items.
We cater for the aviarist, wild bird food, dog lover, cats, fish cavies and other domestic pets.

Whether you have, cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, mice, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, goldfish, or reptiles, we have food for them.
Sheba, pro plan, whiskas, felix, pedigree, gourmet.
Also we have fish tanks for tropicals, vivariums for reptiles, pet books, pond fish, tropical and marine fish, just about everything.

01142 425421
Lynwood Aquatics
Surbiton , Surrey

At Lynwood Aquatics we offer an impressive selection of marine, tropical and freshwater fish, and all the accessories and products required by the aquarist. Established since 1977. One of the largest aquatic stores in the UK for marine fish, tropical fish and coldwater fish based in Tolworth, Surrey. Also a large selection of aquatic plants, aquariums, fish tanks, books and accessories are available instore.

020 8391 2613
Orwell Aquatics
Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 0XQ

Orwell Aquatics is a small independent outlet situated in Felixstowe. Our shop is set up in a converted Dutch barn. We house 60+ fish tanks and a large range of dry goods. As a Licensed Pet Shop we import fish from various countries around the world. As a Licensed Pet Shop, we import fish from various countries around the world, always seeking out the best quality and sort-after fish. Where possible we source stock from breeders and travel a fair few miles to make this possible.

07985 252348
Paul Bromfield Aquatics
Hitchin, Herefordshire

Paul Bromfield Aquatics
Aquatic plants and sundries are currently being despatched to you within 3 to 5 working days.
As our business is seasonal and the variation in our climate delivery times for our plants may vary but rest assured we will do our best to meet your needs.
Our web site features over 400 pond plants including, marginal and moisture plants, plus a large range of pond equipment.
Pond plants, pond snails, algae control, pond treatments, pond gloves, pond covers, plastic herons, feeding rings, ornamental ducks, floating lilies, pond nets, pots and planters, fish food,

Porton Garden Aquatic and Pets

Porton is a garden, aquatic centre, and pet centre.
We have a sweet and gift centre.
The Shark Bite Cafe for coffee, cake and sandwiches.
We have 5 acres and free parking.
Small animal food, for rabbits,guinea pigs, degus, and more. cages, hutches, bedding, indoor and outdoor enclosures,
grooming and hygiene, medicinal items, leads and carriers. for your pets.
You can also order online.
Loyalty cards, gift vouchers and advice.
Live pets from the smallest to Alpacas.