Cumbreck Jack Russell Terriers

Cumbreck Jack Russell Terriers

Cumbreck Jack Russell Terriers
Business Name: Cumbreck Jack Russell Terriers
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My main aim is and always has been to improve our JRT’s which were entrusted to me by my grandfather Edward Mckenzie (step grandfather but he never treated me any different for 22 years and my maiden surname was changed legally by deed poll with his blessing when i was a child) when he passed on from cancer as no one else in the family had an interest in dogs at all, the entire Caldbeck stud was left to myself, firstly registered in JRTCGB and then IKC from 1999. My estranged mother Denise and step father divorced in 2010, i had moved out with all my dogs and upon my step fathers death in the same year from suicide due to a court trial, he left the house to his best friend in his will as opposed to his ex wife and 2 biological daughters, no dogs were left with them either. I bought the house i grew up in back in 2010 and took the dogs back to the home, renovated  the place with my wonderful husband and we sold up in 2015 to make a better life for ourselves and get away from the bitter family feud that has ensued over my step fathers actions. There comes a time when enough is enough and you realise life is too short to worry about what could of, should of, would of happened…………..move on, love your dogs, love your true family and live HAPPY 🙂

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Listing Title: Cumbreck Jack Russell Terriers