Cat Cuddles Sanctuary

Cat Cuddles Sanctuary

Cat Cuddles Sanctuary

We depend on our supporters, you, to help us in anyway you can. In return, we are open to all and any questions about how we care for our cats and kittens, where we spend our funding and your donations, even why we do things the way we do at the Sanctuary. We put kittens first, their welfare and comfort is tops to us. We never overcrowd the sanctuary, always keep each cat to its own quarters and never keep them with us for longer than necessary to get them healthy, assessed, at times rehabilitated and re-homed.

Our resident cats ready for their homes are always on the website within a couple of days of getting the “all-clear” from the vets and we aim to respond to all email and phone queries within the first 24 hours. We are meticulously clean and our kitty quarters are heated, lit,double-glazed and fully insulated, so kitties are cosy indoors and calm all year round. We also have radio playing for 16 hours each day. Our volunteers socialise the kitties twice a day, every day. We feel it is important that we have the time to share life with our feline guests, not just board them.

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