Castle Aquapets & Aviary

Castle Aquapets & Aviary

Castle Aquapets & Aviary

We have a wide selection of caged birds especially for you.
If you’re looking for a bird then we have the widest selection in the area.
Budgies to canaries and everything in-between.
Here are the ones we have.
Love birds
Bird cages
Bird food
Bird treats and toys
Wild bird food and feeders.
We also have many other animals for you to choose as pets and stock everything for their needs.

Once you have decided on a pet our staff can give expert advice on such things as suitable cages, food and toys, everything in fact for their well being.

We carry a huge stock of bird seed, nuts and feeders for caged birds and wild birds so you only need to come to one place.

For the wild birds we laso have a range of bird tables.

We also have a seasonal Christmas shop offering artificial trees, lights and decorations.

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