Amey Zoo Exotic Pets

Amey Zoo Exotic Pets

Amey Zoo Exotic Pets
Business Name: Amey Zoo Exotic Pets

Ameyzoo have qualified staff to give you the best possible advice for you and your pet.

We also offer free trimming of claws, snake probing if originally purchased from ourselves.
Tortoise beak maintenance.
Microchipping services.

We have a vast selection of Vivariums and accessories such as
Bulbs, Infrared Bulbs, thermostats, Mercury Vapour Lamps, Guards, ceramics, UV Bulbs, Timers, Misting systems.
For Decoration we stock – Backdrops, Substrates, Plants, Branches, Hides.
Food items consist of wax worms, fruit flies, locusts, Morio worms, Mealworms, Fruit flies, Curly winged flies.. Frozen mice ( all sizes), Rats (pups to jumbo), Rabbits, Chicks, Quails, and Gerbils too.

We stock: JBL, Arcadia, Komodo, Lucky Reptile, Zoomed, beaphar, F10, Vetark and more brands.

Vivariums are always in stock and can construct vivariums to your specs in a choice of many wood finishes.
This bespoke service does not involve any extra cost.

Tel: 1142834446
Business Address: Bovingdon, Avon
Post Code: HP30HG

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