Burns Introduce a Club to Support Puppy Owners


Burns Introduce a Club to Support Puppy Owners

Burns launches club to support puppy owners

There has been a boom in puppy ownership over the last six-months so Burns Pet Nutrition has launched an exclusive membership scheme for the new puppy owners.

The company, which specialises in ‘natural pet food with no nasties’, has launched ‘Puppy Club’ to help new puppy owners learn the ropes with advice, support and food supplies they need to make certain their pups get the best start.

For a one-off cost of less than £10, members will get dog food, professional nutrition advice, training tips and a selection of other goodies for a full year.

The launch follows news of a boom in the sale of ‘pandemic pups’ over the last six months, with the Kennel Club reporting a 187% increase in people searching for puppies via its Find a Puppy tool between March 2020 to the end of June 2020 compared with the same period in 2019.

People will pay £9.99 to join and will receive 2kg of puppy food shortly after signing up to the club, followed by 4kg of Burns adult food after nine months to help them  into adult life.

Members will benefit from regular email ‘pupdates’ with advice and will receive a variety of useful items to help them during the puppy stage including a feeding mat, training treats and puppy handbook, outlining everything they need to know about training and caring for a pups. Owners will also have access to bespoke advice on feeding from nutritionists at Burns.

Members can choose from four varieties of Burns’ dog food, including a grain-free option, enabling them to cater to any specific dietary needs or intolerances.

At the end of the programme, to mark their puppy’s transition into adults they will also receive a birthday card.

John Burns, veterinary surgeon and founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, said: “Becoming a dog owner has a lot of new responsibilities and for those bringing a puppy home  it can be especially daunting. We wanted to use our team’s expertise to help support new owners to feel confident and knowledgeable for their puppy parenting journey, making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

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