Britain’s underwater forests could beat climate change says David Attenborough

Britain’s underwater forests could beat climate change says David Attenborough

The UKs underwater forests may be the key to beating climate change, Sir David Attenborough has said as he joins a campaign to save them. 

Launching the Help Our Kelp campaign, Sir David said that the algae seaweed was essential for fighting climate change. 

The campaign wants to restore a large underwater kelp forest just off the Sussex coast in the first ever marine kelp rewilding initiative.  

Kelp forests had before stretched along 40 km of the West Sussex coastline, extending at least 4 km into the sea.  Storm damage, altered fishing practices and dumping of sediment by dredging boats had reduced them to almost nil.

Sir David said: “The loss of the Sussex kelp forests over the past 40 years is a tragedy.   

“We have lost essential habitat that is key for nursery grounds, for water quality and for storing carbon.   

“This marine rewilding project, if approved, will make sure the Sussex seas remain healthy for generations to come, and could have far-reaching impact for other parts of the UK coast.”

Sarah Ward, Living Seas Officer at Sussex Wildlife Trust said the pioneering rewilding project will help to “fight climate change”.  

She said: “Kelp forests can absorb and lock up carbon just as effectively as woodland, if not more so, and we’re able to create this habitat on a scale that simply couldn’t be replicated on land.    

“This will be a huge step forward in addressing the escalating climate crisis.”

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