Bob the Street Cat, His Story

bob the street cat

Bob the Street Cat, His Story

It started early in 2007 when James Bowen, who was on a methodone programme, busked in Covent Garden and lived in sheltered housing, he returned home one evening and found a ginger moggie in the building he lived in. He thought it belonged to one of the other flats, but next day it was still there, and the day after that. It had no ID and had a sore leg. No one owned up to owning it so James ‘adopted’ him. having little money he took his new friend to the nearby vet run by a charity. Jim took the cat home whilst the medication took effect. Bob as the cat was now called followed Jim around, even onto the bus to Covent Garden. As the pair made the journey regular Bob and Jim became a bit of a celebrity couple in the area. Jim also started selling The Big Issue with help from Bob the Street Cat and soon the public were uploading videos onto YouTube. Jim eventually came off methodone and he attributed this to Bob.
Things soon spiralled and now Jim and Bob have had several books published and appeared on TV several times. A movie has been commisioned in 2014.
A list of books can be found here:

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