Blue Cross Animal Rehoming for Unwanted Pets

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Blue Cross Animal Rehoming for Unwanted Pets

Blue Cross Animal Rehoming for Unwanted and Abandoned Pets

Rehome a pet
We help to find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and even horses across the UK and our tailor-made service means we help each pet find the right person and home for them.

Select a species
Give a pet a new home by selecting a species of animal available for rehoming.
We have lots of loving creatures that are in need of a new home – could you give one a second chance of happiness?
We find the right pet for you by matching them to suit you and your family’s personal lifestyle!
We can find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the whole of the UK. Find out more about our rehoming process and why you should consider adopting a pet from Blue Cross.

Support us
Thousands of abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured, pets come to us every year for help. We never close our doors to them, and with your help, we are always there. Whether you want to fundraise, volunteer or donate, your support will make a huge difference to pets who need help.

Sponsor a pet
We aim is to match unwanted and abandoned pets with new owners and suitable homes. But in the meantime, sponsors step in and help us look after our animals. When you sponsor a cat or a dog, you help us to help them. Your monthly donations help pay for necessities like a bed, regular meals as well as health checks and veterinary care.

Select a species
We make sure unwanted pets get all the care and attention they need until we can find them new homes. Whether you sponsor a dog, a cat or any animal, it makes a difference, helping out until they can be adopted. And because our aim is to rehome pets as soon as we can, you may find that you sponsor lots of different pets – even better!

Pet advice
We have a whole range of pet advice information to help you look after your pet which you can download or read online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you are concerned about your pet, we always recommend that you contact your own vet. Your pet might be entitled to veterinary services through Blue Cross.

For more information visit The Blue Cross website here : <a href=””></a>

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