Funny Bird

FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR PET RELATED BUSINESS,   Go To   Does this make you wish you had one? She’s cute and sweet, but if you are thinking about getting one make sure to research intensely. They require a large amount of your time and care and money in order to be happy, and cockatoos are some of the most emotional of the bird world. All that stuff is on her cage because if she doesn’t have a [...]

Hamster Found in Street During Edinburgh Blizzard

A hamster has been savedd after being found lost on an Edinburgh street in a blizzard. The female Syrian hamster was found by a member of the public on Spey Street. Renamed Poppy, the rodent is being cared for at the Scottish SPCA’s Edinburgh and Lothians animal rescue and rehoming centre. It is hoped the owner comes forward. Duncan Robertson, of the Scottish SPCA, said: “Poppy is around a year old and in good condition. “It’s very lucky she was found by someone who [...]

Facts about Wild Budgerigars

The wild budgerigar is a small, streamlined, parrot, with rounded head and small beak, pointed wings and long tail. Head to tail length in wild budgerigars is approximately 180mm. Show standard, captive budgerigars are significantly larger, ideally at least 216mm head to tail.Natural adult plumage has the following characteristics: bright yellow forehead, face and throat round black spots and a prominent violet patch on cheeks a yellow crown and mantle with fine black barring which extends under eyes the barring becomes heavier – [...]

Do Animals exist as Ghosts?

The question is, “Do animals sometimes come back as ghosts just like some people do?” The evidence points to the answer: yes! Many people have had paranormal experiences with family pets coming back whether that be as simple as a ball of string rolling across the floor  with no outside source, the feeling of something rubbing against your leg and there’s nothing there and sometimes the actual visual apparition of a pet It seems that the ones that are reported [...]

Paul O’Grady Wants to Feed 1 Million Rescue Dogs

Last year he spent six months at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London filming For The Love Of Dogs for ITV which regularly notched up eight million viewers. “We were only meant to be there for six days but when I saw some of the sights I thought no, I’ve got to do this properly and get stuck in,” he says. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” The “sights” he refers to are dogs who had suffered appalling abuse. “Honestly, [...]

Fun Facts – Cats and Dogs

Domesticated pets are complex creatures. Have you ever wondered why they do some of the things they do? Your cat seems smart, but how sharp is his memory? Why is it your dog can always run faster than you? Fun Facts About Dogs Dogs only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, the only way they can discharge heat is by panting. Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most  with the ears. Dogs have a vocal range of about 10 sounds. Dogs do not have an [...]

Six Belgian racing pigeons drugged

Six racing pigeons in Belgium were found to have been doped with drugs such as cocaine and painkillers, thie national newspapers reported. They said that the doping was revealed when the Belgian pigeon-racing federation sent samples from 20 birds to the National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa. The newspapers said that the birds tested positive for various drugs. Pigeon racing in Belgium is a highly lucrative sport. In May a Belgian racing pigeon called Bolt – named after Olympic gold-winning Jamaican sprinter Usain [...]

Status Dogs in Shelters Increasing

The number of status dogs being brought into shelters is on theincrease, as per one of the UK’s leading animal charities. Blue Cross said it was being inundated with the amount of Staffies coming in. Their records show 331 of the dogs were accepted into shelters last year, compared to 198 in 2008. They are blaming the increase on dog owners not getting their pets neutered. Blue Cross says another problem is people breeding to make cash. However, it says because the dog is [...]

Funny Horse Trivia and Facts

The average horse weighs about a half a ton, its brain is the size of a baked potato.A horse’s hoof is analogous to the human fingernail. Horses stand on their middle fingers! Some of the horse family’s closest relatives are tapirs and the rhinoceros. A horse can poop up to 14 times a day! Ask a stable hand! Horses cannot be sick (vomit). Most of the time, a horse’s ear points where the horse is looking. Horses lock their leg muscles so they can [...]