tail docking

Tail Docking, Weird Reasons Why its Done

Tail Docking, Weird Reasons Why its Started. Tail docking is the practice of removing a dog’s tail without anesthesia when it is a puppy. It is a procedure that has been restricted or banned in many parts of the globe, but is still popular in The US and Canada. The first recorded incidence of tail docking was in Ancient Rome; Roman shepherds believed that removing the top of a dog’s tail on the “puppy’s fortieth day” stopped rabies. Later, hunting dogs’ tails [...]


Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick and his Pet Homing Plan on Live TV

Noel Fitzpatrick.  Anyone thinking of getting themselves a new pet might want to pick one live on TV. Channel 4 is staging a five-day adoptathon to find homes for the record number of abandoned animals currently living in shelters. Hosted by Supervet himself, Noel Fitzpatrick,and TV presenter Steve Jones, the live series hopes to find new owners for every dog, cat, rabbit and bird at the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. With 250,000 pets left to the care of rescue centres every [...]


Win a Pet Snuffle Mat for You and a Charity

WIN for yourself and pet and a charity *COMPETITION TIME* They are giving away 2 Snuffle Mats; 1 to the lucky winner and 1 to their chosen animal charity. All you have to do to enter is: 1. Like the Pet Snuffle Mat East Midlands page 2. Tagging a friend in the comments who would also like to win a mat would be great 3. Tell us which charity you’re choosing & why The competition closes when the page reaches 1000 likes and remember sharing [...]

Pimp Your Dog With Clothes For Free: VIDEO

Pimp your dog by making your own doggy outfits Cats may be cool as cucumbers, but dogs need a bit of an extra helping hand in the cool looks. They’re lovable, cuddly balls of fur and drool, but they’re not quite as good when it comes to strutting their Saturday Night Fever Outfits. Thankfully, you can help turn your dog into a player with awesome dog accessories and dog clothes. You can get your pet all dressed up and looking their [...]


Foraging for Mushrooms, an APP to Help You identify Them

Ever fancied foraging for wild mushrooms to add to a meal or a salad but never done so because of the risk of picking the wrong variety and getting seriously ill. Well this may be the answer, an APP for identifying mushrooms whilst foraging in fields and forests. Mushroom Id Mushroom Id is a field guide to identifying fungi for safe picking. It is available for the iPhone, ipad,  iPod Touch and Android devices. The app has been developed by professional published ecologists with [...]

Unusual Trees from Around the Planet: See the Video

Unusual Trees That will Astound You From rare trees that only one exist in the whole world to trees so weird you won’t believe like dragons blood and rainbow eucalyptus. Why Trees are so Important Trees are vital to the planet. They are the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabalise the soil and give life to the world’s living organisms. They also provide us with materials for tools and shelter. Not only are trees essential for life, [...]

moving house

Moving House with a Pet Dog. Top Tips for a Stressless Day

Moving House with a Dog Moving house is an exciting time, busy, chaotic, stressful. If you have a dog you have even more to consider. Our dogs are more than pets. It’s such a cliché to say they are part of the family but, its true. We need to consider dogs and their needs when moving. Keep Cool Dogs are intuitive animals. They know when you’re happy, sad and stressed. Moving house doesn’t need to be the stress fest that most would [...]

dog obedience

Dog Obedience, Teaching Your Pet Dog Basic Commands

Teach Your Dog Obedience and Commands Here are the basics commands dogs should be taught for dog obedience Sit Down Stay Come Walking on leash How to teach. 1. Be consistent. Use the same cue for the same command each time. If you use “come” one week, “come here” the next, and “come here, girl” after that, you will have one confused dog. 2. Start simple and slowly make it harder. You want to go step-by-step and give your dog lots of practice to get it right. Start with an [...]

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Free Pet Products to Test & Review also Domestic Goods

Review free pet products with Home Tester Club Join the Home Tester Club and get the chance to be mailed with free pet products to try at home for free. Just test them on your pet and send in your honest opinions online. You can also find handy reviews of other popular pet food brands in the pet owner community. The site also lets you test out domestic products. There are new products on our supermarket shelves each day. Each month, [...]