Killer Whales Talking to Their Trainers

Killer Whales Can Talk? Whales are known for their good communications skills which allow pods to ‘talk’ to each other through clicks and singing, even when they are up to 100 miles away from each other. But a new experiment has shown the creatures are also apparently capable of copying human speech, a feat that was previously believed to be limited to primates, birds, elephants, dolphins and seals. Scientists say they have taped a killer whale named Wikie speaking the words ‘hello’ [...]


Aquascaping, The Art of Aquatic Plant Arranging in Aquariums

Aquascaping The art of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, stones, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing style within an aquarium ie gardening under water. Aquascaping designs include a number of distinctive styles, including the garden-like Dutch style and the Japanese-inspired nature style. Usually, an aquascape houses fish and plants, although it is possible to create an aquascape with just plants or rockwork or other hardscape with no plants. Although the main aim of aquascaping is to create an artful underwater landscape, the [...]

blind cat

Blind Cats – How to Help Your Cat With This Condition

Blind cats, things to do and note. It is important to know that cats normally adjust well to blindness, whether partial or a complete loss of vision. That’s because a blind cat quickly learns to rely on their other senses. You will need to make adjustments to your home and it may take a few weeks for your cat to adapt, but with a little help from you and plenty of TLC, your cat will not stress. Signs of Blindness Some cats lose [...]

wild birds

Imagine a World Without Birds, Total Disaster!

Imagine a World Without Our Wild Birds, Collapse of the Eco System? Every day we here bird song, yet don’t pay attention to it. Take the key stone from a bridge, and the entire structure collapses. On earth, the same can happen; many species represent this key stone, and wild birds are no exception. A planet without wild birds would be chaos. The effect on flora. In one recent New Zealand study, the stitchbird (hihi) became almost extinct. As a consequence of this the [...]


Travelling Circus Wild Animal Acts Now Banned In Scotland

Scotland is the first country in GB to ban the use of travelling circus wild animal acts The bill was proposed by Scotland’s environment secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, who said: This is an important act that will not only prevent travelling circuses ever showing wild animals in Scotland in the future, but will demonstrate to the wider world that this practice is now not acceptable. Some MSPs, said the bill did not cover all animal performances, such as greyhound racing or birds [...]

abandoned dogs

Abandoned Dogs, Mistreated Dogs Costa Del Sol Spain

There’s a dark side to Andalucia and Murcia, which will never be mentioned in the tourist guides or holiday websites. If you’ve been to these areas before, you’ll have noticed the starving dogs lurking around restaurants, hoping to be thrown a bread crust; you’ll have side stepped the dog dirt on pavements or driven past dogs lying injured and ignored by the roadside. It’s especially bad at certain time of year when the Spanish hunting season has finished for the [...]


Lyme Disease, It Affects Pets, Other Animals and Humans

What is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, sometimes known as Lyme Borreliosis. Animals and birds carry the it in their bloodstream and ticks may pick this up whilst feeding on an infected animal and pass it on to others and humans during the next meal. Where is it found? Lyme disease can be found throughout the UK and is on the increase. Avril Lavigne has spoken about her struggle with Lyme disease after being [...]

pet gifts

Pet Gifts For Christmas, What to Buy for Yours

Pet Gifts For Christmas Fantastic Christmas presents for cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs (and other small animals too!), all brought to you by One Stop Pet Shop at guaranteed cheapest prices with rapid UK delivery Pets deserve treats at Christmas too, so we have assembled a great range of christmas gifts ideas for dogs and cats, or anything that is your beloved pet. Besides Christmas gifts we also have extensive must have and essential items for pets for their wellbeing, [...]

dog leash

Dog Leash and Collar, What Type Should I Choose

Simple Dog Leash and Collar If you don’t have problems on a walk, this can be a great tool. It allows you to keep your dog safely by your side and out of trouble. Recommended for easygoing, dogs with no obedience problems.Walk with your dog by your side or behind you. This is important to establishing your position in the pack. Slip collar For dogs with issues when walking, the training lead can be a great tool for correcting misbehaviors. If your [...]