How to Dog Bathe Correctly Video Tips

Dog bathe.  Bathing your dog tips When bathing your dog, scrub his coat in the direction you want the hair to grow. Get your dog squeaky clean with the helpful advice of a professional groomer in this free video on how to bathe your dog. Grooming your dog can be simple and pain-free when you use the right tools and techniques. Freshen up your dog’s look with the helpful tips outlined by a professional dog groomer in this free video.


Horses and Ponies May be Culled in South Yorkshire

Up to 50 horses and ponies face being culled after a Sheffield animal sanctuary announced it can’t afford to keep them. Mill House Animal Sanctuary has been rescuing horses in since 1948 but now urgently needs to raise £30,000 before the end of July 2016. The sanctuary has had difficulties to keep up with a ‘spate of unwanted horses,’ which sanctuary co-owner Pat Hartley says is due to the animals being bred ‘irresponsibly’ and then abandoned. It means that about 50 animals [...]

17 Donkeys Rescued in Ireland Video

17 donkeys rescued The Donkey Sanctuary is an international animal welfare charity, based in the UK, working to protect and care for donkeys and mules. This started off as a routine check of cattle tags on a Meath farm by Department of Agriculture (DAFM) officials turned into a full on donkey rescue with a wholly unexpected twist in the tail – Storm Desmond. The farmer concerned admitted to having ‘’a couple of donkeys’’ on the land; however a quick reccy of the 40 acres saw [...]


Cycling in the UKs National Parks

Cycling in National Parks Cycling is a great way to explore the national parks, Britain’s breathing spaces. From family bike rides on woodland tracks and serene country roads, to challenging mountain bike rides on real mountains, taking to two wheels lets you appreciate the scenery, spot wildlife and visit out-of-the-way sites. Flat and family friendly Quiet country roads and traffic-free byways, bridleways and cycle paths mean there are miles of easy cycle routes for all generations in all the national parks. The [...]

course fishing

Course Fishing – Things No One Tells You!

Everything smells in course fishing The fish smell. Your bait smells – whether it’s mouldy old cheese paste, sweaty maggots on the turn (which is when they get really ripe), fishmeal pellets or curry flavoured boillies. Yep curry! That’s course fishing You’ll become an instant stereotype And in so many ways that you didn’t imagine before holding a rod. First, no one will believe your fishing exploits, even if you have photographic proof. “Photoshop”, they will shout, with a smug smile before asking [...]

animal sanctuary

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Near Sheffield

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary There is always a lot of hard work to be done at an animal  sanctuary of our size so the people we rely on here include a team of trustees, staff members, volunteers and friends. Without all of these people we would not be able to survive as a sanctuary. In an average week we have to exercise, feed, groom and spend time with our dogs and our horses, feed, play with and clean out our cats and [...]

free competition

Win a Thinking Cats Tea Set – FREE COMPETITION

Win a Free Competition This week, they are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a gorgeous Jane Ormes Thinking Cats tea set, worth over £50, from Coldnose. One cat lover will receive a teapot, jug, sugar pot and matching mug from the Thinking Cats range, ideal for the purrfect kitty-themed tea party. Exciting online retailer Coldnose has a huge range of giftware for dog and cat lovers, and is delighted to offer a competition prize from the fabulous new Thinking Cats [...]


Puppy Starter Pack for Free by Signing Up

PUPPY STARTER PACK Are you a new puppy owner? Sign up for your FREE Vitalin Puppy Starter Pack Today… The pack includes: A sample pack of Vitalin Puppy. This hypoallergenic and wheat gluten free food contains high quality protein from 100% British Chicken with rice and nutrient packed botanicals such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. Vitalin Money Off Voucher Vitalin Clicker and Keyring Product Brochure. Produced in our own factory on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border. We combine a perfect blend of ingredients, nutritional expertise and modern manufacturing [...]


Bats and Rabies in the United Kingdom

Bats in the UK and Rabies, some info for you. A small number in the UK have been found to carry a rabies like virus. There are two known strains: EBLV1 and EBLV2. Here in the UK, 12 have been found with the EBLV2 live virus: nine in England, two in Scotland and one in Wales. All were Daubenton’s species. Three  have tested positive for EBLV1 antibodies: a serotine in the south of England and two Natterer’s bats in Scotland. The Animal & [...]