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Study Shows Dogs and Cats the Internet Adores

Study shows dogs and cats the internet adores and loves. This study found that the most loved pets are Golden Retreivers by far. A group has analysed social media and found out that golden retrievers were included in a huge 4.4 million posts in the last year. The dogs had plenty of people praising them and received an average of 222 ‘love’ reactions for each post. The Bengal cat has come tops of the funniest pet. The striking leopard-print cats are [...]

covid in pets

Covid. Dog Confirmed To Have The Disease

In the UK a dog has tested positive for Covid – the first of its kind in the UK and has been officially confirmed. It is thought the dog caught the virus from its owner. This very rare and it is thought that pets cannot pass it onto humans. Animal fur is able to act as a carrier for Covid for short periods, in the same way as other surfaces, such as worktops and door handles. Never intentionally share food, food bowls or [...]

Spanish Vegan Activists Save Doomed Animals.

In the Spanish region of Catalonia, a bull called Pedro is looking over a barn door at some sheep. He will stay there for 2 hours if the volunteers at the sanctuary let him. He will have to be tempted away with food so the sheep can be let out to graze. Pedro is used to the routine since he has being doing it from a calf. His life is good, he is fed, he roams, he watches sheep, [...]

Dog Cooling Mats

Dog cooling mats are are for dogs who live in hot climates or temperate climates that can have heatwaves. Most are pressure activated and gel cooling mats are an efficient way for dogs to get releif from the heat. They can be used repetetively, so despite their expensive cost, constant use will make it a worthwhile purchase. You cant do enough for your pets. They might not be ideal for pets that chew a lot and may possibly ingeste the [...]

Butchers competition

Win a Cookware Set & £500 Butcher’s Vouchers With Butcher’s Dog Food

Win a Cookware Set & £500 Butcher’s Vouchers With Butcher’s Dog Food For the last #StarInOurSocialAd theme, our prize is a win a premium cookware set with £500 worth of Butcher’s vouchers,and all this could be yours, plus have the chance to see your dog’s Mealtime Moments star in a social media version of the television advert.Its an old saying that the way to anybodys heart is via their stomach, and our doggy friends alweays let us know it.We at [...]

dog theft

Dog Theft and How to Prevent It.

Dog theft is increasing because of the times but has always been a problem. Protect your dog from theftIdentificationYour dog must be microchipped. Keep records upto date, a change of address or phone number.A collar with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement when in a public place. If your dog is neutered, state it on the tag, it will put off thieves if they are wanting your dog for breeding purposes.Do not mention the dog’s [...]

leopard gecko

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information.

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information. Simplest to keep of reptiles. As any fan of reptiles knows, the leopard gecko’s adorable grin draws people in, making this delightful creature popular among people of all ages and experience levels in reptile care. This perky little lizard is an excellent beginner’s lizard since they are usually docile, easy to tame, and have minimal care requirements. These geckos, make superb pets, also known as Leos. Compared to other lizards, they’re a bit different from them. Leopards are small, ground- [...]

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Win a Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser for Free.

Mobile Pet Camera Win This Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser This mobile pet camera is the newest item available today. It can move freely through remote control 360 degrees. Your pet thinks it is never alone. This pet feeder can automatically dispense a variety of foods through the application. It can dispence crisp cat and dog foods, ca reward your pet anytime and can also interact with them. Its camera can be controlled remotely either up and down through its mobile phone APP, and [...]

anderson's crocodile newt

Japan Lists Endangered Endemic Reptiles and Amphibians

Japan Lists Endangered Endemic Reptiles and Amphibians on the Nansei Islands 6 species of cave geckos, Goniurosaurus spp. and Anderson’s Crocodile Newt Echinotriton from Japan all endangered and are now protected by Japanese law. The listings follow recommendations in 2018 when research uncovered the impact of international pet trading on several endemic reptiles and amphibians. Japans government’s shift to list these species under CITES Appendix III is welcomed by all and other countries are now being asked to join in preventing [...]