Bird Nest Boxes and How to Choose the Right One

Bird Nest Boxes and How to Choose the Right One

Bird Nest Boxes.

Bird nest boxes can give a great deal of pleasure to a household. What better way to see a pair of burds bringing up their chicks with your help by providing water and food around the garden.

Bird nest boxes come in a huge array of designs and materials but beware – many are far from ideal and so flimsy they will not last long.

Bird Nesting Boxes – Tips for Buying.

A nest box needs to be made from an insulating material such as the standard wood ones or a wood and concrete compound usually described as Woodcrete.

Ideally it should be constructed about 19mm thick and treated with a non toxic preservative that is water based. A hard wood is much better than a soft wood. Dont build or choose one made from plastic,cardboard, plywood or very thin wood, birds especially tits can be very choosy and will usually have a look at a few options before making a choice.

Some materials like ceramics can be too hot or get too cold and the chicks will struggle to survive.

The smaller range of British birds would ideally have an entrance hole of about 32mm or just for blue tits about 26mm.

The bird nesting box should not be too small inside as chicks will grow before leaving the nest and then there is the space required for the parents. The floor space needs to be

The inside floor should be approximately 20 square inches or 130 square centimetres, any smaller and it may result in fewer eggs being laid

Outside the nesting box it may seem sensible to provide attached perches BUT beware, these could help the acrobatic squirrel to climb around, they will take chicks and eggs.

Ideally it would be good to able to gain access to the inside of the bird nest boxes so a hinged lid would be good as this can then gain you access to clear the nesting box out at the end of the season ready for next years residents.

It is not reccommended to incorparate a nesting box with a feeder table as this will bring conflict with other species in the immediate area of the nesting birds.

Bird nest boxes are obtainable from pet shops, supermarkets, garden centres and many online stores, even such websites as the RSPB  and similar. Follow our guidelines to reduce the percentage of failure and enjoy our natural wildlife close at hand.

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