Bear Grills and the Endeavour Live Arena Tour Soon

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Bear Grills and the Endeavour Live Arena Tour Soon

Bear Grills  is getting ready for a live arena show tour, here’s what he has to say about it.
“We’re now less than one month away from the opening night of my first UK Arena tour, and I just wanted to give you an update on all things Endeavour!

I’ve spent the last week in rehearsals at Pinewood Studios, just outside London, training and rehearsing on the iconic 007 Sound Stage. So many amazing films have been made here over the years, including most recently Star Wars: Episode VIII, and Everest (which I had actually been to watch being made 2 years ago, as Jake Gyllenhaal was in it who was also one of our former Running Wild guests.)

It’s definitely a pretty cool feeling training in such a huge place with so much history – not to mention the large 007 logo outside welcoming us every day! I especially liked how the stage was dirty and full of sawdust from so many carpenters building sets over the years. It all felt very Rocky-like which helped inspire us as a team as we hung off ropes and wires and practised back flips over and over again!

Bear Grills says more.

I’ve spent a lot of the time running through the script with the team and getting into all the physicality of the aerial stunts. There are so many elements to think about at the same time: moves, stunts, words, cues, you name it, but that’s the challenge and it is coming – steadily.

I’ve had my fair share of pain and blisters swinging around in the harness, often spending more time in the air or climbing up the wall than I have with my feet on the ground. But now that I’ve got the basics covered I can’t wait to take it up a level, continuing working with the visual effects team and seeing the video mapping and graphics on the huge wall for the first time in rehearsals. Part of this is that I have to wear these small sensors stuck onto my body so that the multiple projectors can map (and mess with!) the imagery around where I am – sounds weird but you will get it when you see it!
Anyway, there we go for an update- make sure you check back in next week to get another update on all things Endeavour. In the meantime, check out    for all the latest news and to get your tickets! They are selling out fast now!

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