Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Charity, Some Insight.

battersea dogs and cats home

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Charity, Some Insight.

From the day they welcomed their first stray dog in 1860 they have been putting their animals
at the very centre of everything they do. Over three million animals later, Battersea are still working
to achieve the vision that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are given love, care and respect.

It is their determination to help every cat and dog that arrives at the gates that they see animals
in all states of mental and physical condition. Its dedicated team of Clinic and Kennel staff work tirelessly
to give the animals everything they need during their time with them.

Many dogs and cats arrive at their gates in good health and need little more than a check-up,
vaccination, worming and flea treatment. But, others arrive in poor condition have ill health and it is
up to the team of eight vets and 25 nurses to care for them and get them back to health,
ready for a new start in a loving permanent home.

Battersea Dogs and Cats care for more than 7,000 dogs and cats every year and all of them will be examined
by a Veterinary Surgeon during whilst there. They employ a clinic team of 39 staff across three sites,
including eight Veterinary Surgeons, 21 Veterinary Nurses and three Veterinary Care Assistants.

Battersea is also an approved Nurse training practice and currently has seven Student Vet Nurses.

Please make a donation if possible or even pop along to find your ideal pet.


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