Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden, Help them Survive


Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden, Help them Survive

Attracting Hedgehogs to your garden
First, Make sure they have access!!

The best thing is hedges, rather than fences for privacy. Hedging is an good habitat for garden wildlife. Evergreen hedges such as holly not only provide year round colour but their berries provide a much needed source of winter food for garden birds.
You can create a five inch hole in the bottom of your fence or gate so that hedgehogs can crawl in. You should encourage your neighbours to do the same to create a series of ‘linked’ gardens for the hedgehogs to explore and hunt for food.
Leave areas of your garden wild
It’s always good to leave an area of your garden naturally unkempt. They  and other wildlife can then use fallen leaves, twigs and dead vegetation to build their nests. A wild areas also provides a home for the insects that hedgehogs and birds love to feed on.
Help them to survive in winter by making your garden a hog haven.

Wild garden
You can also create a pile of old bits of wood. This will give the hedgehogs somewhere to hide, sleep and hibernate. Pick a quiet spot that is unlikely to be disturbed from November to March as this is when they will be hibernating.
Hedgehog homes
A shelter is essential for a hedgehog’s survival during the winter. If you have a tidy garden or a lack of covered areas, hedgehogs might struggle to make their nests naturally. If this is the case then you should give them a helping hand by building a house for them or buying a purpose built one.

Provide hedgehogs with food and water
To help smaller hedgehogs out you can supplement their diet by leaving food in your garden.
DONT leave out milk they’re actually lactose intolerant giving them diarrhoea, which can be fatal. Leave them water. Hedgehogs drink lots overnight, so top up daily.
Boiled eggs
Chicken or turkey flavoured cat or dog food in jelly (not fish or beef based, either wet or dry)
Chopped nuts
Cooked potatoes
Dried mealworms
Crushed cat biscuits
Minced meat
Specialist hedgehog food
Sunflower hearts

NEVER give Bread or Milk

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