American Mustangs Roundups, Why and What Happens to Them

American Mustangs Roundups, Why and What Happens to Them

Serious concerns by activists as to why American Mustangs are rounded up and what happens to them after.

Why does the American Government conduct roundups of wild mustangs. What happens to the mustangs of the Western states. Why are they auctioned off and more seriously – who to?

For countless years the wild mustangs have been herded into pens by cars, planes, helicopters and even horses trained to lead them into pens. They are rounded up because they interfere with with domestic livestock, some wild mustangs are led to poisonous water! One lady, Nevada resident Velma Johnston or “Wild Horse Annie” started a campaign to encourage states and the government to protect the wild horse as an iconic symbol of the American West. In the early 1970s, Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act that allowed only agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)to round up the horses.

Many groups think they should run wild at all times. They say the West’s mustangs, estimated at about 50,000, are hugely outnumbered by cows and sheep that also exist on public open land. It appears that ranchers lean favourably to the BLM.

A recent Tv investigative show showed how the horses are rounded up using helicopters and trained horses. Often the foals of the mustangs are seperated from their mothers and then chased and lassood by cowboys.  Often horses die in the roundup as they gallop to flee the helicopters and then funnelled into awaiting corals.

Also secret filming has shown that unknown purchasers are buying the mustangs at auctions and they have been filmed trucking mustangs into Mexico to be turned into meat, probably for animal or pet food.

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