A Guide on How to Keep Bees

A Guide on How to Keep Bees

Here is a guide on how to keep bees.

Would you like an apiary and become an apiarist.

It can be a very pleasurable hobby but are you able to keep them, there are quite a few things you should know beforehand.

Time Involved to keep bees.

The keeping of bees requires small amounts of time but on a very regular basis, does this fit in with your lifestyle? Approximately 30 minutes per week is required to keep a hive and its up to you wether this is a weekend or an evening activety. Looking after bees is relatively simple and easy, after all they look after themselves and if you go on holiday they will never know.

Space required.
Bees dont require much space and have been kep from the standard country garden to back gardens in cities and towns and even balconies on flats. They will fly anywhere to where they can find flowers. If you have a small garden, thats fine and it doesnt have to be near countryside. Suburban gardens are ideal as many gardens in the area will have an abundance of flowers of all varieties from which the bees can gather nectar and pollen.

What about neighbours
This guide on how to keep bees also condiders your neighbours, they may be concerned over your hobby. Consider buying bees that are not of an aggressive nature, yes they do exist. Make sure a hive entrance is not facing a path or situated next to a neighbours fence or to a path through your garden. In large gardens they can be situated so that they are not seen from other properties and your neighbours may not even be aware of your bee keeping.

Equipment required to keep bees.
Beekeeping requires clothing, tools and of couse a hive. A good Bee suit is a must, gloves, boots, a smoker. All these are considered necessary in order to maintain a good hive and proper care.

For more information on bee keeping please go to : https://www.omlet.co.uk/guide/bees/starting+out/equipment/

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