Purina Beneful Pet Food Sickening And Killing Dogs

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Purina Beneful Pet Food Sickening And Killing Dogs

Purina Beneful Scandal Sees pet food, Thousands Of Dogs

Over the last week or so, the world has become a stir after the Purina Beneful scandal came to light, as a recent lawsuit says that Purina, the second largest pet food company in the world, has a product that has been making pets sick and even eventually killing them.

A new lawsuit has raised a Purina Beneful scandal, after a California pet owner stated that, upon feeding their pets the popular product, they all ended up getting sick and eventually died, which he states is just another number in a Purina death toll that has taken the lives of thousands of pets.
According to CBS News, Frank Lucido gave notoriety to the Purina Beneful scandal after he filed a lawsuit against the company on February 5, in the District Court of the Northern District of California, aimed at the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, in which he claimed that he fed all three of his dogs Beneful resulting in disastrous consequences.
As Syracuse reports, the lawsuit turned into a real Purina Beneful scandal when it came out not so much for the particular of Lucido’s dogs, but rather because it claims that the brand contains two particular toxins, one is propylene glycol and mycotoxins, that, while harmless to human beings, can make dogs sick or ultimately produce their deaths.

Mycotoxins come from the mold found in Beneful grains, and propylene glycol, while FDA approved for this purpose, has produced controversy in the past due to the fact that it’s used in antifreeze, which has risen more than a few eyebrows in the midst of the Purina Beneful scandal.

While many news outlets claim Lucido’s claims in the lawsuit are right, others, like BobSullivan.net, have also pointed out that propylene glycol is used in many other dog foods and has been FDA-approved for that purpose, and that, while it’s recommended that owners vary their dogs’ foods to avoid issues from the component, it’s not downright deadly.

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