Starting up an Animal Charity Guide

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Starting up an Animal Charity Guide

Setting Up An Animal Charity by the Small Charities Coalition

1. Is setting up an animal charity the best way forward?
it is important to consider whether there may be other ways how you could achieve your charitable aims aside from setting up a new organisation.

2. Which legal form should our charity take?
The Get Legal ‘Decision Tool’ can help you decide what form would suit your organisation best; they also provide guidance on the differences between incorporated and unincorporated associations.

3. What are charitable purposes and what is public benefit?
Regardless of whether your charity will be registered with the Charity Commission or not, it still needs to have charitable purposes for the public benefit.

4. How do we write our governing document or constitution?
A governing document is a legal document containing information about what your charity is set up to do, how it is structured, how it will run and how it will change with time. The Charity Commission provides extensive guidance on how to choose and prepare your governing document and also provides model documents for you to use, including a small charity constitution.

5. When can we register our animal charity ?
If your annual income is likely to be less than £5,000 you are not required or able to register with the Charity Commission unless you would like to become a CIO

6. How do we define our charity if we are too small to register?
As long as you adhere to charity law (e.g. have charitable purposes, can prove public benefit) you may refer to your organisation as a charity. DO NOT use the word(s) “registered” or “charity status” or anything else that may mislead funders, donors or the public

7. How do we prove our legitimacy to funders and donors without a registration number?

8. How do we open a bank account if our charity is not registered?

9. How do we register with HMRC for tax purposes?

10. How do we register with the Charity Commission?

11. How many trustees do we need on our board?

12. How do we build our trustee board?

All these points are covered in greater detail at the website

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