More Than 50 plus horses rescued in North Wales

More Than 50 plus horses rescued in North Wales

Today a man from Gwynedd, North Wales has received a ten week prison sentence and has been banned from keeping horses for ten years after being found guilty of multiple animal welfare offences.

In late October Mr Evan Lloyd Evans, 68, of Pencarth Uchaf Farm, Chwilog, Pwllheli was charged with causing unnecessary suffering and failing to meet the welfare needs of 51 horses.

World Horse Welfare sent officer Tony Evans (no relation) to investigate following a call to their welfare line from a concerned member of the public.

Upon visiting the premises, Tony found an array of horses kept inside very dark, small and dangerous spaces fenced off within a ramshackle barn. The horses had  mud-filled water to drink and mud and faeces for bedding which was almost knee deep and stallions were fenced off in small spaces and forced to pace up and down as they had mares in constant sight.

The conditions were totally unsuitable, so Tony immediately impressed upon Mr Evans that he needed to improve the conditions for his horses and encouraged him to reduce his stock by selling responsibly.

World Horse Welfare’s field officer was the only person that Mr Evans would work with to try to resolve the situation, and some improvements were made over a period of time.

Co-operation soon came to an abrupt end though when Tony arranged for a vet and farrier to attend with a view to examining all of the ponies in the ramshackle barn.  Upon assessment, it was deemed that a few were in such a state that the best option for them was euthanasia.

At this point Mr Evans threw everybody off of his property, refusing to let the ponies receive the attention they required.

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