2 Creatures Thought To Be Extinct, Are NOT.


2 Creatures Thought To Be Extinct, Are NOT.

Creatures Thought To Be extinct, Are Alive.

It was recently announced that two creatures previously thought to be extinct are, in fact, alive. A Fernandina Giant Tortoise was seen on the island of Fernandina in the Galapagos for the first time since 1906, and aWallace’s Giant Bee  was seen in Indonesia, the last time being 1981. With so many endangered animals being added to the endangered recently, tales of the tortoise and bee give environmentalists hope for the future.

Here is a little more background on the two animals mentioned.

Ecuador’s environment ministry confirmed that on Sunday, Feb. 17, researchers on an expedition found a live Fernandina tortoise in the Galapagos. It is is estimated to be more over 100 a years old, the researchers have put her into a breeding center, hoping they will find a male tortoiseto breed with.

Wallace’s Giant Bee is the biggest bee species on our planet,usually measuring aroundt 4 cm in length and with a 6 cm wingspan. Researchers discovered a live female one in January, approx. 38 years after one was last seen. The group was on a hunting mission for the species in the Indonesian islands when they found her. The wildlife experts on the mission took photos and videos of the creature, and caught her in a clear tube, but released her later.

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