Funny Bird

Funny Bird



Does this make you wish you had one? She’s cute and sweet, but if you are thinking about getting one make sure to research intensely. They require a large amount of your time and care and money in order to be happy, and cockatoos are some of the most emotional of the bird world.

All that stuff is on her cage because if she doesn’t have a dozen things to do (changed out every week or so) then she gets grumpy and bitey and more likely to find things to destroy. You’ll either spend hours making your own toys or a pile of money buying them.

They are probably going to bite you at some point. That cute goffin’s? First time I met her she bit my nose. Drew blood. My fault! And you know what you do when they bite? You suck it up! If you yell or yipe they’ll do it again because they like excitement! They also scream. This particular bird is quiet… most of the time! But lordy, when she screams, eardrums will bleed.

All that said, I would never trade her. Parrots aren’t for everyone, but when it works you get something amazing in your life. If you’re looking to get one volunteer at parrot rescues, talk to long time owners and do your research.


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