On One Stop Pet Shop you can find a whole range of pet related services and products including pet health and pet care in the United Kingdom. Pet advertising is free or premium so advertisers have a choice of how they advertise their pet service here. Whether you are looking for pet shops, vet services, dog walkers, pet friendly hotels or other services then One Stop Pet Shop is the complete resource.

We have numerous categories to cover the majority of pet services and pet products you are ever liable to need including: Pet Health and Nutrition, pet magnotherapy, pet natural remedies, pet aromatherapy, pet holistic treatments pet portraits, pet photography, pet couture, pet travel and pet bereavement and pet cremation services. Pet Shops and stores, suppliers, pet Grooming including dog grooming services, pet grooming parlours. We also have advertisers who specialise in pet training and dog behavioural problems including dog training classes, dog trainers, and dog obedience courses. A popular page on Net-Pets is dog walking and dog sitting services available locally and nationally in Great Britain. Linked to this is dog kennelling, catteries and pet accommodation.

Pet breeders also advertise, whether dog breeders ,cat breeders, bird breeders, hamster breeders, mouse breeders, reptile breeders, rabbit breeders or tropical fish breeders, naming just a few. Equine services are also included including stabling, horse feed, horse tack and equipment, horse riding schools or equine transport.[/vc_column_text]