Win a Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser for Free.

pet food dispenser

Win a Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser for Free.

Mobile Pet Camera

Win This Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser

This mobile pet camera is the newest item available today. It can move freely through remote control 360 degrees. Your pet thinks it is never alone.
This pet feeder can automatically dispense a variety of foods through the application.

It can dispence crisp cat and dog foods, ca reward your pet anytime and can also interact with them.
Its camera can be controlled remotely either up and down through its mobile phone APP, and has a wide field of view with clear 720p high-def video, omni-directional control and vision.

It can also be used as a smart dog camera surveillance device when your home is empty.
There is built-in a quality microphone and and has clear two-way audio. IE. You can talk to your pets and hear them.

Compatible with iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0 and higher. Strong WiFI needed signal for best performance.

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