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Six Spring Lambs Shot Dead on South Yorkshire Farm

Farmer finds 8 of his new lambs shot. Six spring lambs have been found shot dead on the 22nd March 2016 after they were apparently used as target practice by yobs on the outskirts of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Two other lambs have been seriously wounded. Farmer Tom Brooke called the police after he discovered six lamb carcasses at Stoupers Gate Farm, Hatfield. The animals were only three to four weeks old. The two wounded lambs could not be saved and had to be [...]

Spring Lambs Enjoying Their New Life

Spring Lambs, a little information for you. Sheep can either birth their lambs in late winter or early spring as they also need to eat lots of fresh grass so that they can make milk for their young when they are born. The farmer will bring the ewe, or mother sheep, into a barn to give birth. Here they can keep a close eye on the mother in case of any problems. They can have up to four young at a time but most of [...]