Spring Lambs Enjoying Their New Life

Spring Lambs Enjoying Their New Life

Spring Lambs, a little information for you.

Sheep can either birth their lambs in late winter or early spring as they also need to eat lots of fresh grass so that they can make milk for their young when they are born.

The farmer will bring the ewe, or mother sheep, into a barn to give birth. Here they can keep a close eye on the mother in case of any problems. They can have up to four young at a time but most of the time they have one or two babies. Baby lambs will be looking for milk from their mother when they are only 20 minutes old and they can quickly stand on their own.

When they are a little older the young will be put out into a field with their mother close at hand. With numerous mothers and lambs in a field they don’t get seperated as the mother can recognise her own offsprings smell and bleating cry.

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