Spanish Vegan Activists Save Doomed Animals.

Spanish Vegan Activists Save Doomed Animals.

Spanish vegan activists save cow

In the Spanish region of Catalonia, a bull called Pedro is looking over a barn door at some sheep. He will stay there for 2 hours if the volunteers at the sanctuary let him. He will have to be tempted away with food so the sheep can be let out to graze. Pedro is used to the routine since he has being doing it from a calf. His life is good, he is fed, he roams, he watches sheep, he sleeps and that is his life till he diesFundación Santuario Gaia, is where Pedro lives, and El Hogar are two of approx. 20 animal sanctuaries in Spain where vegan activists rescue animals, making a place where they can live without being put to work or slaughtered. Employees and volunteers spend a lot of time in each other’s company, they live and work together.

Animals are not just rescued from roadsides, sometimes they are swiped from state execution. In 2017, the El Hogar sanctuary made headlines after a bullfighting cow called Margarita was rescued.

Vegan activists. Margarita had a bad owner. When he and his friends had too much to drink they would chase her on horseback and is still afraid of men. The authorities discovered he had not legally registered Margarita and under Spanish law, unregistered cows must be killed because there is no vaccination record and their meat could make people ill, or cause a pandemic.

She persuaded the owner to let them take Margarita but it wasn’t enough. The vets still wanted to put her down. One night after dark they stole Margarita. The press came and TV cameras, – it was on the radio and in the papers. Eventually public opinion forced a change in the law. In Catalonia, when a cow is unidentified, it cannot be put down.

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