Pimp Your Dog With Clothes For Free: VIDEO

Pimp Your Dog With Clothes For Free: VIDEO

Pimp your dog by making your own doggy outfits

Cats may be cool as cucumbers, but dogs need a bit of an extra helping hand in the cool looks. They’re lovable, cuddly balls of fur and drool, but they’re not quite as good when it comes to strutting their Saturday Night Fever Outfits.

Thankfully, you can help turn your dog into a player with awesome dog accessories and dog clothes. You can get your pet all dressed up and looking their best, helping him to impress the lady pooches when he takes his daily turn around the neighbourhood. (We do suggest designer dog clothing for that, but not dog booties)

Of course, we do suggest moving past dog Halloween costumes and other funny dog costumes and heading straight to the goods. Whether you’re after fully grown dog clothing or puppy clothes, you can always make your own.
Go on have a go, pimp your dog for all those doggy occasions. Dont spend the hard-earned cash.

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