Here you will find thousands of pet related items for sale on Ebay at great prices. Keep checking back as the listings change constantly.


Dog Food - dry foods, wet foods, treats and biscuits
Dog Beds / Cushions - all types of washable dog bed and cushions
Dog Collars - personalised dog collars, chokes etc
Dog Kennels and Runs - kennels, run, dog houses and flooring
Dog Clothing - raincoats, coats, sweaters and bandanas
Dog Shoes - shoes and boots


Cat Food - wet food, dry food, treats and biscuits
Cat Beds / Cushions - cat cozies, beds, hammocks and igloos !
Cat Flaps / Doors - cat flaps and cat doors from Staywell and Cat Mate
Cat Litter Trays - cat trays, toilets and loos

Fish and Aquatic

Fish Tanks - tanks, nano tanks and aquariums
Fish Food - fish flakes, granules, powered food, sinking tablets.
Fish Tank Lighting - tanks lights, LED lights, hoods and submersible lights
Water Pumps - marine and freshwater aquarium pumps.
Live Plants - aquatic plants for aquariums.


Bird Cages - bird cages, parrot cages, ornamental cages
Bird Feeders - fruit, nut, seed feeders. Wild bird and squirrel resistant feeders
Bird Perches - wooden perches, plastic perches, bird ladders and swings

Horses / Equine

Horse Saddles - saddles, saddle cleaners, fleece covers and saddle accessories
Horse Bridles - horse bridles, straps etc