I specialise in the assessment and treatment of dog and cat behaviour problems.

Every day I help people and their dogs and cats in Scotland get back on the right track by providing effective and practical behavioural advice.

The problems I deal with are hugely varied, and include: aggression towards people, aggression towards dogs, fear and anxiety, training problems, barking/howling, indoor toileting, chewing and other destructive behaviours, inter-cat aggression, urine marking/spraying, compulsive behaviour, mouthing/biting, sound phobias and other specific phobias, separation anxiety, pulling on the lead, jumping up, and antisocial behaviour.

Pet Behaviour Sorted

Town : Haddington
County : East Lothian
Postcode : EH41 4QA
Phone : 01368 850 314
Website : https://petbehavioursorted.com