Old Town Pet Store

Old Town Pet Store

Welcome to Old Town Pet Store Bridlington.
We now stock a wide variety of frozen dog meats, our range includes; Mince, Chicken, Beef, Tripe, Lamb, Chicken & Tripe, Rabbit, Chicken & Lamb, Duck & Tripe, Beef Heart and also Beef Liver.
Alongside the commonplace pet supplies for dogs, cats, rabbits, etc; we also stock pigeon foods, supplements and supplies which include but are not limited to Pigeon Corns (mainly vanrobaeys), pigeon health weekly supplement (a programme that has been scientifically designed to add a complete balance for the physical demands required throughout each stage of the annual cycle.

We also have special offers on seasonal packs for:

- Moulting/Winter Programme
- Breeding Programme
- Old Bird Race Programme
- Young Bird Race Programme (Tried and tested)

We also stock Reptile food:

- Locusts
- Crickets
- Mealworm
- Waxworm
- Frozen Reptile Food

Pet & bird foods
Live pet supplier of Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Parrots and Cold water Fish.

Town Bridlington

County East Riding of Yorkshire

Postcode YO16 7JS

Phone 01262 678645

Website http://www.oldtownpetstore.co.uk/

Old Town Pet Store Location