Lions Den Cat Hotel

Lions Den Cat Hotel

The Lions’ Den Cat Hotel is made up of individual brick built rooms that are separated from the ones next door by brick and glass walls. This construction allows our customers to see how comfortable their neighbours are but guard against the chance of spreading any infections. Each of the standard pens has a good floor area and is individually heated with infrared lamps and/or heated pads.

We are an indoor/outdoor cattery, the room opens on to an enclosed corridor, which allows plenty of fresh air in a safe, risk free environment.

Bedding provided from home always settles the cats more promptly, but we can, of course, provide some. Your cat(s) will also appreciate some favourite toys, so bring some along.
The Lions’ Den is able to offer a ‘cage rest’ facility for cats who have undergone major surgery and need an environment in which they do not feel obliged to jump up on to furniture and over-stretch themselves.

Town Isleworth

County Middlesex

Postcode TW7 4LW

Phone 02085680013


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