Kettering Aquatics

Kettering Aquatics

At Kettering Aquatics we have animals in and out daily.
Flame Angel
Regal Angel
Blueline Angel
Coral Beauty
Goldflake Angel
Six Line Wrasse
Hawaiian Pyjama Wrasse
True Banana Wrasse
Bellus Angel
Peacock Wrasse
Solerensis Wrasse
Blue Sided Wrasse
Purple Parrot Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse
Flasher Wrasse
Silver belly Banana
Blue Head Parrot Wrasse
Purple Firefish
Orange Spot Goby
Scooter Dragonet
Green Mandarins
Chalk Goby
Red Firefish
Spotted Mandarin
Blue Cheek Goby
Yellow Coral Goby
Pearly Jawfish
Algae Blenny
Red Scooter
Green Clown Goby
Scarlet Hawkfish
Arc Eye Hawkfish
Yellow Tang
Regal Tang
Sailfin Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Goldrim Tang
Purple Tangs
Scopas Tang
Achilles Tang
Kole Tang
Ocellaris Clownfish £19.99 two for £35.00
Black And White Clownfish
Fiji Skunk Clownfish
Maroon Clownfish
Black Ice Snowflake
Picasso Clownfish
Blue Reef Chromis
Emperor Cardinal
Green Chromis 3 For £15.00
Blue Throat Triggerfish
Regal Damsel
Red Tail Trigger
Dogface Puffer
Porcupine Puffer
Moorish Idol
Copperband Butterfly
Scribbled Anthias
Lori Anthias
Squampinni Anthias
Resplendant Anthias
Royal Gramma
Half And Half
Strawberry Gramma
Jellyfish Available to order
Red Leg Hermits
Dwarf Blue leg Hermits
Emerald Crabs
Squat Lobsters
Blood Shrimps
Cleaner Shrimps
Boxer Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp True

Nassarius Snail
Cirith Snails
Marble Sand Snail
Mexican Turbo Snail
Red Foot Conch Snail
Orange Spot Sand Sifter Snail
Bumble Bee Snail
Turbo Snails 5 FOR £10
Sand Sifting Starfish
Pink Brittle Starfish
Banded Starfish
Black Brittle Star
Red Starfish
Tuxedo Urchins
Black Longspine Urchin
Sand Dollar
Derasa Clams
Maxima Clams
Bubble Tip Anemone
Mini Maxi Carpet

Town Kettering

County Northamptonshire

Postcode NN16 8LA

Phone 01536 417272


Kettering Aquatics Location