Colehay Hay and Haylage

Colehay Hay and Haylage

Welcome to Colehay!
Premium quality hay, straw, haylage and horse bedding.
As well as producing and selling this top quality hay and top quality bedding, Colehay have had the honour of being chosen to provide our beautiful golden straw bales for some incedible events – from weddings and festivals to creating and building some unusual straw bale structures.
Colehay produces and sells beautiful, fresh Meadow Hay – made from permanent pastures, Pure Timothy Hay – which is a 100% British product and excellent 1st & 2nd cut Rye Hay. Total care and attention is given to the growth, harvest and storage of our hay to ensure that it is in perfect condition when it reaches you.
Straw bedding
Horse shavings
Miscanthus horse bedding
Flax horse bedding
Cardboard horse bedding

Town Okehampton

County Devon

Postcode EX20 2NZ

Phone 01837 849222


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