Bluegrass Horse Feed

Bluegrass Horse Feed

The Irwin family have been involved in milling of food since 1847. In those days oats were processed for consumption following the Irish potato famine. After World War 2 we started to mill local grain as part of the successful changes that transformed local subsistence farmers into producers of food for Europe and further afield. In the 1990’s I realised that there was a need for scientifically formulated, and produced horse feed to enable horse owners to achieve maximum potential from their stock. We approached Kentucky Equine Research in USA, were accepted as “team member for Ireland” and together developed the range of feed that became Bluegrass Horse Feed. From small beginnings we are now recognised as leading players in the Irish horse industry.

Town Dungannon

County Tyrone

Postcode BT70 1LF

Phone 028 3754 8276


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