The Whippet Club

The Whippet Club

The Whippet Club
Whippets are gentle and lovable dogs to live with. They are hounds and so will chase more or less anything that moves – so an enclosed garden is essential.
Whippet Rescue
The Rescue’s objectives remain unchanged, being the provision of assistance to Whippets in the following areas:
Abandoned, or lost and unclaimed by owners.
Unwanted by owner and threatened with destruction, sale to a dealer or sale/gift to an undesirable home.
Ill-treated or neglected, suffering from mental or physical distress and reported as such by an observer (confirmed by a Club member or other Whippet owner).
Owner has died leaving no instructions for their dogs, an owner is no longer capable of care due to illness, age, matrimonial breakdown, etc.

Town Henley On Thames

County Oxfordshire


Phone 01491 641140


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