Japan Lists Endangered Endemic Reptiles and Amphibians

anderson's crocodile newt

Japan Lists Endangered Endemic Reptiles and Amphibians

Japan Lists Endangered Endemic Reptiles and Amphibians on the Nansei Islands

6 species of cave geckos, Goniurosaurus spp. and Anderson’s Crocodile Newt Echinotriton from Japan all endangered and are now protected by Japanese law. The listings follow recommendations in 2018 when research uncovered the impact of international pet trading on several endemic reptiles and amphibians.

Japans government’s shift to list these species under CITES Appendix III is welcomed by all and other countries are now being asked to join in preventing the unsustainable and unlawful exploitation of these animals too. International cooperation and help is considered the utmost to stopping species from sliding into oblivion because of the exotic pet trade.

The 6 species of cave geckos and the Anderson’s Crocodile Newt all have restricted areas in the Nansei archipelago and are extremely distinct, which makes them susceptible for the exotic pet industry. The Nansei Islands are at the southeastern end of Japan with parts of them proposed for Japan’s next natural World Heritage site.

The Nansei Islands may be a superb natural World Heritage site, but it is urgent to recognize that listing them alone will not safeguard the species.

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment is asking local stakeholders in the Nansei Islands to hilite poaching and trafficking in the region.


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