Wildlife In Winter – Foxes

We thought we would share this lovely video of 3 foxes in a suburban garden looking for food. If you have any good videos of pets or wildlife we would love to see them. Please contact us. [amazon_link asins=’191086255X,1873580967,B01LWL687K’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’icollectit’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d983b3d0-0b26-11e8-9e15-6d418568d36a’]

Pimp Your Dog With Clothes For Free: VIDEO

Pimp your dog by making your own doggy outfits Cats may be cool as cucumbers, but dogs need a bit of an extra helping hand in the cool looks. They’re lovable, cuddly balls of fur and drool, but they’re not quite as good when it comes to strutting their Saturday Night Fever Outfits. Thankfully, you can help turn your dog into a player with awesome dog accessories and dog clothes. You can get your pet all dressed up and looking their [...]

Unusual Trees from Around the Planet: See the Video

Unusual Trees That will Astound You From rare trees that only one exist in the whole world to trees so weird you won’t believe like dragons blood and rainbow eucalyptus. Why Trees are so Important Trees are vital to the planet. They are the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabalise the soil and give life to the world’s living organisms. They also provide us with materials for tools and shelter. Not only are trees essential for life, [...]

Scared Cats, Watch this Really Funny Video

Scared Cats videos totally freaking out. Some cats become so frightened they lose control of their bladder or bowels and eject  right where they are. Each cat has her preferred way of dealing with a crisis situation. You’ll notice that your cat probably tends to try one option first, and if that doesn’t work, she’s forced to try a different one. For instance, if your cat is afraid of dogs and a friend brings his dog to your home to visit, [...]

Spring Lambs Enjoying Their New Life

Spring Lambs, a little information for you. Sheep can either birth their lambs in late winter or early spring as they also need to eat lots of fresh grass so that they can make milk for their young when they are born. The farmer will bring the ewe, or mother sheep, into a barn to give birth. Here they can keep a close eye on the mother in case of any problems. They can have up to four young at a time but most of [...]

When a Cat Meets a Budgie for the First Time

Budgies and cats This is Max the cat who is 18 years old, his favourite food is Wood Pigeon whenever he has the chance but age is catching up with him and he now has his cats eyes set upon easier prey. The budgie is Wilf at about 12 months old. Did you know that pussy cats like their food to be at around body temperature, this goes back to their wild days when they ate prey they had just caught.

Talking Birds – 10 of the Best Video

Ten talking birds  –  watch the video. Of all the creatures on this planet, only two can produce human language: humans and birds. Of the few birds that can imitate human speech, including mynah birds, crows, and ravens, parrots are clearly the best at it—they give TED talks, speak multiple languages, and even front heavy metal bands. How come our closest relative – apes can’t talk but birds can? Parrots are vocal learners, meaning they grasp sounds by hearing and then [...]

Watch Funny Cats Stalking in this Hilarious Video

Funny cats, trying to sneak up unnoticed. These cute and funny cats are too much! Why Do Cats Stalk? Your pussy cat is staring intently at something in the distance. He stoops down, his tail swishing back and forth ever-so-gently. Then he lifts, just a bit, and stalks forward in his lowered position. The answer to why cats stalk things is a pretty simple one really: it’s just part of being a cat. Fish swim, birds fly, and cats stalk. They weren’t always [...]