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dog theft

Dog Theft and How to Prevent It.

Dog theft is increasing because of the times but has always been a problem. Protect your dog from theftIdentificationYour dog must be microchipped. Keep records upto date, a change of address or phone number.A collar with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement when in a public place. If your dog is neutered, state it on the tag, it will put off thieves if they are wanting your dog for breeding purposes.Do not mention the dog’s [...]

leopard gecko

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information.

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information. Simplest to keep of reptiles. As any fan of reptiles knows, the leopard gecko’s adorable grin draws people in, making this delightful creature popular among people of all ages and experience levels in reptile care. This perky little lizard is an excellent beginner’s lizard since they are usually docile, easy to tame, and have minimal care requirements. These geckos, make superb pets, also known as Leos. Compared to other lizards, they’re a bit different from them. Leopards are small, ground- [...]

minature schnauzer

Are Miniature Schnauzers Good Family Dogs?

Temperament Miniature Schnauzers are friendly and fun-loving dogs. They are very playful and love attention. They enjoy regular activity and moderate exercise which are good outlets for their energy. As very intelligent dogs, they can be stubborn but are also loving loyal pets. Size As the smallest Schnauzer breed, their size makes them good as a family pet. They are generally large enough to play with kids and other family members without being overpowering. Good with Kids? Miniature Schnauzers are mainly friendly with children of all ages. [...]


Zoos and Keeping Animals for Entertainment

Animals in zoos Is it wrong to keep animals in these places? The animal rights answer It is wrong if animals have rights because: it regards the animal as a means to achieve some human end it does not treat the animals with the respect they are due it contravines the animal’s right to live in natural freedom The animal welfare answer From a welfare point of view it is not right to keep an animal in a zoo if it has a lower standard of life than [...]

missing pets

Dog Gone Missing? Here is What You Should Do.

Dog Missing, Here is What You Should Do. When your family dog or cat goes missing from home, it will be a traumatic experience for both all of you. Below are some tips that will increase the chances of your pet being found.. Firstly, contact local animal shelters and animal rescue organisations. You can file a lost pet report with all shelters in a 60-mile radius of your home and call in at the nearest shelters daily, if at all possible. Your local [...]


Save Bees and Pollinators, Sow Wild Flower Seeds

Pollinators provide us with every third mouthful we eat. They’re also vital for the survival of other wild plants that support so much of our wildlife. What do pollinators do for us Most of us think of bees in relation to pollination, yet insect pollinators are an incredibly diverse group. Honeybees are usually kept in hives, and are likely responsible for pollinating between 5-15% of the UK’s pollinated crops. That leaves 85-95% of the UK’s insect-pollinated crops relying on wild pollinators. [...]


Foxes where do they live and other facts.

Foxes where do they live The fox has reddish-brown fur, a white chest and a bushy, white-tipped tail,which is called a brush. It has a pointed  nose and ears. Foxes are widespread and  common throughout the UK, and a large number live in towns. They become active at dusk and through the night, searching alone for food. However, they do  tend to live in family groups of one dog, one vixen and her cubs and a few female helpers from previous [...]

assistance dogs

Assistance Dogs to Improve The Lives of Disabled People

An assistance dog is a dog trained to aid or help a person with a disability. Many are trained by an assistance dog organization, or by their handler, sometimes with the help of a professional trainer. Assistance dog training Assistance dogs have usually been trained by charities and other organisations who then partner a disabled person with a trained dog when the dog has completed its training  at about the age of 2 years. More disabled people are self-training their own [...]

battersea dogs and cats home

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Charity, Some Insight.

From the day they welcomed their first stray dog in 1860 they have been putting their animals at the very centre of everything they do. Over three million animals later, Battersea are still working to achieve the vision that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are given love, care and respect. It is their determination to help every cat and dog that arrives at the gates that they see animals in all states of mental and physical condition. [...]