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Bird Feeding Tables, How to Choose the Most Suitable

Choosing new bird tables, consider the following: What Size – a small table will lead to fighting rather than feeding. An area of about 3-4 square feet is perfect. What Material – Most bird tables  are made of wood, but an increasing variety of metal, plastic and polycarbonate tables and feeding trays have become available in recent years. Although these look less natural, they are easier to keep clean, maintain and don’t rot. Which post – The smoother and straighter the post, [...]


Choosing a Baby Budgie for a Pet. Some Information

Buying from a breeder means you may have to wait until they are weaned, between 8 and 10 weeks after hatching. A young bird will have horizontal bar-markings across its entire head, including the crown. The frontal stripes disappear when the budgie moults for the first time, after three to four months. There are a number of things to look out for if you want to take home a budgie. Most breeders keep their birds in good conditions. If cages seem [...]

How to Make a Coconut Shell Bird Feeder – It’s Easy.

So here are the items you may need to get your feeder made. This is by no means compulsory, adjust to suit yourself, or by trial and error. So what do you need? Lard (at room temperature) Peanuts Meal worms Wild bird seed Grated cheese Raisins Coconut shells  String Mixing bowl Saucepan Score the coconut inside with a blade to give the mixture something to adhere to. Add all the ingredients to the bowl and mish and mosh  it either with  fingers or fork or kitchen gadget until everything is well mixed [...]

Blue Tit Information and Nesting Facts. British Garden Birds.

It would appear the cheeky Blue Tit is a blue and yellow bird. Looking closely reveals bright blue wings, tail and crown, yellow underparts, greenish back and mantle, white cheeks, and black eye stripe, bib and collar. Also there is a black streak down the middle of the belly, and a white wing bar. The bill is black and its legs are a blue-grey. The sexes are similar, though the female is slightly paler. The young birds are duller than [...]

Northern Budgerigar Society Annual Open Area Show

Our annual Open Area show will be held at the Bowburn CommunityCentre DH6 5AT on Sunday 15th September 2019Show Secretary Brian Close 07940737005 email maddimo1@gmail.comJudges. John Lees, Geof Bowley, John Cosby & Dennis Cairns. November Auction 2019 Organising the Sunday 3rd November 2019 Auction will be Ady Lovack, Ian Cooper and Kyle Kime


The Wise Owl Bird of Prey Rescue

Wise Owl Bird of Prey Rescue & mobile display team is a family run business offering a very personal, informal, educational & professional bird of prey experience. They are based between Huddersfield & Wakefield and will cover most of Greater Manchester & Yorkshire. They offer several different activities: static & flying displays involving owls, falcons, hawks & buzzards, many of which are native to the UK. Their bird of prey centre is not open to the public, but are fully mobile [...]

WARNING Bread for Wild Birds and Ducks is BAD

Bread for wild birds and ducks is a no no By being fed bread birds and ducks can develop a health condition which can prevent them from flying.Victims may be unable to find more nutritious natural food, and could starve to deathBird experts are telling well-meaning families to stop throwing starchy scraps to birds in general on park ponds, lakes and rivers. They say that it is healthier to feed them balanced food which is cheap to buy. It is an excellent [...]