Britain Suffering Absolutely Disgusting Dog Poo Plague

Dog poo

Britain Suffering Absolutely Disgusting Dog Poo Plague

Britain Suffering Absolutely Disgusting Dog Poo Plague

The amount of dog mess in the Uk is escalating to crisis point. Local news sources around the country are reporting poo bags being discarded in hedges, trees, and fences. The increase is blamed on the Coronavirus situation.

In Gloucestershire dozens of citizens have complained about local poo hotspots for dumping and is getting worse due
to national lock down and the increase in doggy ownership.

Why should anyone put their dogs mess in a bag and then dump it.

In Tiptree Essex locals are raging about the number of bags being hung in trees

Many dog owners do not realise that dog excrement is toxic and hazardous.

The Kennel Club has said that they have a 180% increase in inquiries from potential dog owners and even the RSPCA
have reported a 6 fold increase in inquiries about fostering puppies.

The demand for dogs has so increased that prices are soaring, hence the trend for dog stealing.
If you are going to get a dog, don’t buy one, get a rescue one.

Blackpool in Lancashire has set up a poo patrol and any one seen letting their dog foul and not clear up is being fined.

Similarly in Devon locals are planning a dog poo protest at Dartmoor’s Burrator Reservoir because of the amount of poo
bags being discarded.


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